Saturday, February 8, 2014

Letter February 2nd 2014

HIEEEE!!! Sounds like you're doing so good! It's good to know that people back home are okay. I love little hunter, every time I see a baby I want to snatch them and hold them. haha bad bad bad. Yeah so I live in the coolest place. Malaysia is suuuper different than Singapore, I really like it here. It's Chinese New Year, so I have received a lot of random gifts, like random food. It's nice, and sometimes weird. I got four new investigators last week, and they are all from Pakistan, and they love me and my companion. Being a missionary is the coolest. It is unexplainable. Everyday when I bear my testimony I can feel the Spirit validating to me that what I am saying is true. It is hard with the language barrier, but the spirit can do things that I cannot, it can witness to them truth, even though they can't understand what I'm saying very well. This is truly the coolest mission. When they say that you will preach to every nation, kindred, tongue, and people, that is totally my mission. I am surrounded by different races, and languages. I love it more than anything. But it is SO hard. Everyday I'm exhausted beyond belief, and people are frustrating, and the weather is SO miserable. But the miracles I see outweigh everything. When you see someone light up, because you have just let them know that through Jesus Christ they can be relieved of burdens, nothing else in the world matters. When they figure out that they can live with their family forever, they change, because they want that so badly. My favorite part of being a missionary is being able so see people as God sees them. The love I have for these people consumes me. I want to hug them all, and let them know that they have a loving Heavenly Father that is by their side, waiting for them to let Him into their lives. I am honored to be here, to be useful to Heavenly Father, to learn, to change, and be fully converted. This is the most humbling thing of my life. I teach people who have no furniture, who live in squalor, and they are the most grateful people I have ever met in my life. They would move mountains to serve the Lord. I am inspired by them, and I continue to learn from them everyday what it means to be like Christ. I love this Church, God's plan is perfect. I am grateful to every person who has gone on before me that paved the way for the Gospel to be spread to all the world. Truly without them this work would not be possible.
 I love you and hope you're doing okay. I am sending a letter, and it will be there in a couple of weeks, keep an eye out for it. Welp be good, and healthy. Kiss your children for me. I pray for you every day.

Sister Krivanec

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