Saturday, February 8, 2014

MTC Letter Januray 8th 2014

Hey duuuuuudes! Thanks for all the emails....ehem. Just kidding it's fine you're probably busier than I am! Being a missionary is the most fun and hard thing of my whole life. I feel like I haven't slept in years. My companion is Sister Bradfield and I adore her. She's from New Zealand, and we are such good teachers together. So I'm either studying my face off all day or laughing my face off. My district is hilarious. They're all like Sister Krivanec, why do you laugh at everything, it's not even funny; but it's so contagious, if one of us laughs we all laugh. And it happened. I laughed during the PRAYER ahh twice! Once when the our branch presidency member brother hobbson was praying...and what's worse is he's a Patriarch, and another time during just a class lesson. It's fine I'm trying to get better. Okay so teaching is SO HARD!! We have legit investigators that are hired to work here, they ask me the hardest things and sometimes when they swear they're like opps sorry I forgot you don't swear and I'm like yeaahhhh so anyway. My whole district is going to Pittsburgh except for my companion and me. Everyone read the Book of Mormon DAILY and study every verse carefully there are is so much revelation found in there. Holy I'm learning a lot, but I have suuuuuuch a long way to go. The spirit is so amazing here, I think all members should spend a few days here, it would change lives for sure. I already have to prepare a talk, and I'm like GREAAT! Welp that's part of being a missionary I guess.
So I love you all sorry if I'm leaving a lot of stuff out, I'm doing so well, and love being a missionary. Everyday when I wake up and put my name tag on I feel so honored. I love my Savior, and I love this work even though it's so exhausting. Mostly I love you all! Thanks for all the prayers, I can really feel them, I pray for you all everyday. Enjoy the snow for me, I'm gonna miss it! May God be with you all.
Sister Krivanec

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