Saturday, February 8, 2014

Letter January 26th 2014

HELLLEEEWW!! Okay so I have 3 new investigators and they know like everything about the bible. They were like Joseph Smith couldn't see God because God can't be in his presence....Would God change himself or would Joseph have to be changed? Then they were asking all this stuff about Lehi's heritage, and about tribes. They committed to read the Book of Mormon though and to pray about it, so we'll see how it goes after I see them this week. Man I need to study the bible, but I'm learning so much. Today I read from 1 Nephi 12 and it is AMAZING!!! The revelation was perfect and exact. I am also trying to connect the bible and the BOM as much as I can. The scriptures are so cool, before my mission an hour to study seemed like a life time, and now an hour is not near enough time. People ask me the toughest questions and about specific references, and I'm like uhhhhh so I'm working on memorizing though. But my branch president couldn't think of a scripture and I quoted it for him, and that's how I knew my studying was paying off. After emailing today we're gonna go to the zoo to ride elephants, I'm stoked! Last p-day I got the dead skin eaten off my feet by was the nastiest and weirdest thing I have ever done, I didn't enjoy it in the least! (I'll send a photo) My area is progressing greatly. Everyday we have been praying to find investigators that will be kingdom builders, and who possess the qualities of a leader, specifically someone who can hold the priesthood. We're trying to get members to be self sufficient because they rely a ton on expat families from the states, and we have so many inactives so we're looking for those who will be truly converted. It's tough but I love it. On the bus this week a whole family came up to us thinking we're nuns and they said God bless you sisters. We struck up a conversation and they are inviting us over for Chinese new year and we're going to teach them a lesson, I think they'll love it!
ummm I don't know what else to say my days feel like weeks and my weeks feel like days. I am growing so much, and feel honored to be apart of the Lords work, He loves us so much. I can feel the blessing pouring out from faithful prayers, from not only me, but from all those who pray for the missionaries. When we're diligent and obedient we are promised blessings, and I am a witness that those blessings come. Well I love you daddy, thank you for being a good teacher, when I get home we'll have to have some good doctrine discussions. Have a good week, thank you for all you do for me, your hard work has not gone unnoticed. 

Sister Krivanec