Sunday, July 27, 2014

February 16 2014 letter

Hey everyone! Everything here is going super well. We have two new investigators from Pakistan named, John and G-John. We call them the Johns. But they are great and so full of questions and we committed them both to be baptized. We have no idea how they got our number, but they called and said they wanted us to teach them and so we met and had an amazing lesson about the restoration, and they also came to church yesterday and loved it. Miracles are happening like this constantly for us. When we pray for specific things, specific blessings happen.
I had the opportunity to speak in church, and I wrote my talk on faith, because that is the most basic principle of the gospel. Without it, not even the earth could have been made. The church here is like in the early 1900's. The members are unsure of how to run a church. So all the american's that are living here and the missionaries run the branch. My goal is to help these people become self-sufficient. Faith is the key to this. When these people have sufficient faith, they will desire to magnify callings, they will pay their tithing, they won't miss church because they want to watch tv. We learn things line upon line and precept upon precept. Faith is the bottom line. Without it, we cannot go up. Faith in Jesus Christ means that you accept Him as your savior and when you accept Him you will keep His commandments regardless of if you understand them or not. 
Okay my computer is about to turn off, (it has a timer) so I need to wrap this up. But I love you all and hope that things are going good for you. Remember that having courage, and faith in the person who made salvation possible will give allow you to change lives. You are all great. Have a fantastic week. 

Sister Krivanec

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