Sunday, July 27, 2014

July 6 2014 Letter

Hey everyone!! I made it six months, I cannot believe how fast time is going. Sorry I am bad at being regular with my group emails...time is never on my side. But things are going super well for Sister Crabb and I. I am halfway done training her, and our area is picking up for us. We have an investigator on date for August 30th and she is GOLDEN! Every time she reads the Book of Mormon she makes an outline of it. I'm so impressed. And in case you were wondering what her name is, it's Rashmi. She's Indian, and I adore her. 
So thus far on my mission I have learned an important lesson. And that lesson is that you can do anything in a skirt. For real though. You would not believe the things I have accomplished while wearing a skirt. I have gone sprinting after buses that we need to catch, I have played soccer, I have climbed up a pole that a child wanted me to climb, I can even ride a bike. We always say, that God's best soldiers come in skirts. 
But on a more serious note, something I want to share with you all is that I take great comfort in knowing that all missionaries everywhere are being prayed for. Some days that's all I need to know is that Heaven is on my side. I feel that every time I bear my testimony there are thousands of testimonies behind it that are echoing mine. I don't feel like I am only representing Jesus Christ. I feel like I represent my family, and my friends and the Prophet and Apostles, and every person that has ever made a lasting impression upon me. I want you to know that the power of Satan is real, and that we cannot begin to pray enough for God's servants. We need help, every second of every day. We are all out here trying to accomplish the hardest work that we can ever do, and that means that Satan works extra hard. Thank you all for your prayers. I feel them, and they provide me the strength I need when all odds seem to be against me. 
I feel as though in life we are all figuratively captains of our team, and we get the first pick on who we want to play with us. I hope that all of us would pick Jesus Christ to be our first teammate. With Him  we WILL win. There is no chance of losing. So choose Him. I love all of you, and trust that all of you are standing firm in the faith. Have a good week!!

Sister Krivanec

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