Sunday, July 27, 2014

July 13 2014 letter


Wow okay so I feel like I just had the busiest week of my whole life. I don't even know how it's Monday already. First of all I just want to say that Singapore rocks. This week we had a zone meeting "journey" and we went on a hike to the tallest point in Singapore and saw an incredible view. We also had a good time with giant lizards and monkeys. I offered a monkey a book of mormon, but she wasn't too keen on taking it. Also I found mac and cheese. I never thought I would be so happy to see it. I bought it and cooked it and it was delicious. 
Sister Crabb and I met a new friend named Monir from Bangladesh and he loves us. He left us 13 voice-mails in two days. It reminded me of the good old days in Malaysia where every man you meet wants to marry you. But don't worry I told him that I'm married to my work and that we cannot ever meet. He took it a bit harshly and told me he would die without us. I think he'll be okay though. 
Even though you meet crazy men here, I have such a deep love for the people that I teach and serve. This past week a couple of ward members told me that Sister Crabb and I are one of the best companionship's that the ward has ever had. I felt so touched by that. I think the number one thing I will cherish about my mission is the way that I have learned to see people as God sees them. The times I am most successful are when I let love be my greatest motivator. 
The reason I know that God's work will never fail is because it is based on Charity and charity never fails. If you look in Moroni 7, charity encompasses every single Christ-like attribute. It amazes me that the more I focus on others the more I am capable of helping myself. 
Sorry for the long email! I hope you all are happy and well. Thank you for your emails, they all make laugh and smile. LOVE YOU ALL!!

Sister Krivanec

ps I started this thing on my mission where whenever I meet someone from a different country I have them teach me how to count in their language. I think I am currently on 13 languages. My goal is to reach 20.

pps happy late fourth of July. God Bless America :)

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