Sunday, July 27, 2014

February 23 2014 letter

Mkay. So I everyone should cheer because I made it through my first transfer!!! whooo. I'm still here with Sister Schriever and the work is picking up for us quite a bit. We got three new investigators last week, and we should have 5 more this week. We were told last week in Zone Meeting that President Mains has set a goal for the Singapore mission to reach 542 baptisms by the end of this year; and 100 of them need to come from my district in Kuala Lumpur, because we are trying to get the very first stake in Malaysia. We only have 14 companionships in KL, so that number is pretty large, but it is very attainable. We are all working harder than ever to reach this goal. Since I have been here I have had a total of 25 new investigators, and we started out with only 2. It has been such a humbling experience for me to rely so much on Heavenly Father. He will show unto the children of men that he is able to do his work, and it is by our faith in Him that miracles happen. This is the most true statement in my life right now. All of my success comes from Heavenly Father and my trust in Him. This is His work and He is down here laboring by our sides. 
Anyway, yes the work is going so so well. I am blessed beyond measure.
But in case you wonder if anything funny happens with me the answer is yes, every. single. day. As you all know  I hate chicken. Hate is an understatement actually, and guess what I get to eat it. every. single. day. It has been an adventure for me trying to eat 3 plates full of rice and chicken every time I go to a members house. But I will tell you. I would take chicken over Durian any day. It is the smelliest most disgusting fruit in the world. It is actually the number one cause of death in Malaysia because it falls from the trees and kills people. 
Also I have about 100 marriage proposals a day. It is sometimes amusing and other times, I am just like TIDAK BOLEH LAH!! which means CANNOT! Yesterday this investigator picked up my personal book of mormon and kissed it. WHAT THE?! 
Okay so I have to go I love you all. Byeee

Love sister Krivanec 

oh and this is a dress a member made for me for a wedding it's beautiful. (also I know I look like I'm 12 years old)

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