Sunday, July 27, 2014

March 2 2014 letter

Hello everyone!

My email will be a short one today. Things in KL are just peachy. I am teaching the cutest family in the world. They are from Pakistan, and they are refugees here, because their Christian village that they lived in was burned down by Muslims. So, they are now here, and they love this gospel so much. They won't let us do any service. I tried helping their baby put his shoes on once and they freaked out because I'm "too good" to be doing stuff like that. They can be a bit frustrating, because I'm like, I'm just a human!!! I am so humbled by them, they lost everything they had, and are still so happy and willing to serve God. They are the definition of converted
Life is so cool. We get to decide what we want to be every day when we wake up. We are not cast in stone, every situation we are in gives us a chance to apply the teachings of the Savior. Do we want to be happy or miserable? It is really as simple as that, if you want to be happy, then do everything you can to be happy. You are your own master. 
Well I must go, I love you all and hope you are happy and healthy. Have a good week :) 

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