Sunday, July 27, 2014

May 5 2014 Letter

My weeks in Malaysia never fail to be an adventure. Really quickly I will tell you about my new "best friend" Muhammad. Well one night my companion and I didn't have dinner so we decided to run to the mall below us and grab some waffles from a nice chinese woman that cooks them. So it was about 10 pm and so we ran down there as quick as possible (which isn't actually quick since we live on floor 23) (and also I would like to point out that our schedule is half our different than most missions so we weren't actually breaking curfew) but anyway, we get down there and she is cooking for someone else so we gave her our order and decided to go to a little dinky dollar store while we were waiting. While we were goofing around at this story called Mr. D.I.Y. I accidentally ran into a young man, I said sorry and turned around onto a different isle because I was embarrassed. But he followed us and stared at us for like 5 mintues. Then he finally approached us and started asking loads of questions about what room we stayed in and of course my favorite question...can I have your number. Well lucky for us, we don't actually know our number, and we didn't have our phone on us so we didn't have to lie and say we don't have a number or phone. But this guy was really persistent. He was like...well what are you doing right now, and I said well we're getting waffles for dinner, and he said "I know I was watching you get them" At this point in my head I was like okay you little stalker you can stop following us around the mall now. But he asked us if he could follow us up to our room, and I said no, but you can write down your number for us and we'll call you later. He had nothing to write on and we didn't either so he went looking around the store for a pen so as he was looking we booked it out of there. We were running through the mall like crazy people. We figured we could just go and get our waffles and go back upstairs, but they were still cooking so we ran into a store, and we're hiding and he comes down the escalator searching for us. I have never been more panicked before, we hid for about 10 minutes until he left the area so we grabbed our waffles and ran back to our room. It was quite the night. We reallyyyyy love our apartment so we are hoping that he never finds out where we live or else we have to move.
We also went on a crazy truck ride through the jungle, and to get to the jungle we took a crazy bus...sorry mom and dad I know I have super good luck with cars hitting me, but my only choice was to hang out the door because the bus was so packed. No worries I didn't fall out and get run over. And when we arrived at our destination, we had such a good lesson so it was worth the ride!
Well that's it for me this week, I have to go. Things are amazing with us.  I am learning everyday, especially how to love. Love conquers all. And I know that I could never do this work without our Heavenly Father.  Have a good week everyone I love you all.

Sister Krivanec

1) this was the bus that we were on
2) Pakistani food so good. Eat some.

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